Tomorrow : Hope of my country

At the break of dawn
Darkness fades
Leaving behind a bright blue shade
Welcoming our eyes to a brand new day
Like a storm that must cease
As the sun shines
Is the hope of my country
Existing as tomorrow
A chance of a better today

Those who listen will hear
The faint voice of tomorrow
Telling us to wake up
But we fail to awake
From our unpleasant slumber
Even as the loudest sounds explode
Around us
And we wonder “why”
Wen we ought to pounder “how”

How can we can rise
When we refuse to realize
That we all have a role in this play
Why do we delay
When tomorrow awaits only seconds away
And change can begin today.

Surely we have seen enough suffering and pain of yesterday
That has broken into today with it’s eyes on the future
And we know that the fate of the future lies in the state of tomorrow
And the existence of that tomorrow lies with us.

So let us abandon pride and ride to pristine,
Put our differences aside not first,
Stand united not fall divided,
We can extinguish the burning flames of hatred and tame the darkness,
Let’s desist from saying he is one of us and finally say we are one,
Washing away our corrupted mentality of division,
We can be the finders and builders of our founders and forefather’s foundation,
And the labour of our heroes past
Will not remain in vain.

Yesterday becomes what was
A bitter memory
Then in a luminous light
we’ll see
The hope of our country
Tommorrow is coming……..

FK. Jalo

All Alone

None to hold,
None to cry out her pain,
She swallows every ounce of misery,
Every thorn the world dumps on her life,
She looks beside her,
She’s all alone.

Lacking in faith,
Shortage in strength,
Scarcity of hope,
And total absence of love,
She hurts but takes it all,
She looks behind her,
She’s still alone.

Tears flood in,
She attempts to strain them back,
But fails in doing so,
Every drop is a result,
A result of being strong for too long,
The pain in her heart cannot be held back,
Looking around her,
Seeking a shoulder to cry on,
She’s still alone

Destiny had been written,
Future still unknown,
All she could do was imagine,
Formulate a vision where it all gets better,
Where there’s is hope,
She’s not alone.

F.K Jalo

Tears of my country

A nation with potential
For greatness,
Is today crumbling
In weakness,
As her trees decay,
And it’s thorns prevail,
Banishing the flowers that once bloomed.

Her heart bleeds profusely in pain
And continuously in vain,
Her wounds do not heal,
Rather they kneel
To this real nightmare,
Where peace is shattered
and slowly sinking into exile,
Becoming a mere mirage
While chaos roves and roams her land,
Ignoring her cries.

Her name,
They once called with pride,
Singing my beloved country
When contrary to that love,
It’s hatred that conquers.

Constantly she burns in the fire lit by her own people who pledged to uphold her honour and glory,
Their promises they break
Their duties they fail,
The path they make a trail
For doom and destruction,
They’ve discovered.

She turns a blind eye,
Letting them loose her light,
Not because she is helpless
With no might,
But because her retaliation
Will entrance an end
Full of fright.

And so she asks

Won’t thirst eliminate blood thirst,
And hunger annihilate anger,
If my rivers dry,
And my soil dies?
Won’t today’s terror surrender to disaster,
If my grounds shake vigorously beneath?
Won’t corruption be flushed away,
If my water floods furiously,
Sweeping your horrid stains?
How then will you embezzle
my natural wealth
when I seize it,
Leaving you with nothing?

She reminds them of her reserved wrath,
But I fear,
Her patience will wear
And the tears of my country
will seize to fall
Bringing to life her threats as a final resort,
Unless we recover
And reciprocate her light.

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