My Path

Though a different routeNot the indecorous leadFar from misguidedDecently a distinctive laneConscripted for myself The variationApparent in my directionShouldn’t strike as strayedSimply bizarreBeing on a divergent path doesn’t mean I’m lost…..

Just A Diamond In The Sky

Twinkling winking little star How you remind me of my hidden scars When I look upon you with envy How lucky you are to dwell so far If wishes and wants Were waves of wands Then up and above we’d stay Away from the trails of the ground And tribulations of it’s grounders When night… Continue reading Just A Diamond In The Sky

Tomorrow : Hope of my country

At the break of dawnDarkness fadesLeaving behind a bright blue shadeWelcoming our eyes to a brand new dayLike a storm that must ceaseAs the sun shinesIs the hope of my countryExisting as tomorrowA chance of a better today Those who listen will hearThe faint voice of tomorrowTelling us to wake upBut we fail to awakeFrom… Continue reading Tomorrow : Hope of my country

All Alone

None to hold,None to cry out her pain,She swallows every ounce of misery,Every thorn the world dumps on her life,She looks beside her,She’s all alone. Lacking in faith,Shortage in strength,Scarcity of hope,And total absence of love,She hurts but takes it all,She looks behind her,She’s still alone. Tears flood in,She attempts to strain them back,But fails… Continue reading All Alone

Mother’s perfume

Hundreds alike,But none like hers, a sweet scent of jasmine flowers fills the room,Announcing her presence,There’s uniqueness in her fragrance,A product of her special mixtureA tablespoon of loveAnd a teaspoon of warmth.

Tears of my country

A nation with potentialFor greatness,Is today crumblingIn weakness,As her trees decay,And it’s thorns prevail,Banishing the flowers that once bloomed. Her heart bleeds profusely in painAnd continuously in vain,Her wounds do not heal,Rather they kneelTo this real nightmare,Where peace is shatteredand slowly sinking into exile,Becoming a mere mirageWhile chaos roves and roams her land,Ignoring her cries.… Continue reading Tears of my country

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